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Who are we?

Dongguan anshuyi polymer material technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on conductive and anti-static functional materials. It is a domestic manufacturer focusing on conductive and anti-static plastics. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification. Since 2013, the company has focused on the research, development and sales of conductive plastics. With the attention and respect for the future industrial market, ansoyi has continuously explored and developed new conductive and anti-static materials suitable for the development of various industries. Today, our conductive anti-static materials have been widely used in transportation packaging, electronic appliances, wires and cables, office equipment, automobiles, communications, coal mines, oil well safety and other industrial fields requiring conductive shielding, anti-static, explosion-proof and other requirements. Since its establishment, the company has been taking "making the resistance adjustable as its mission, and continues to bring customers flexible and reliable solutions of all-round conductive and antistatic plastics."
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Company brief introduction

Ansuyi is subordinate to Dongguan ansuyi polymer material technology Co., Ltd., focusing on carbon fiber conductive and long-term anti-static plastics. The company was founded in 2013, covering an area of 2000 square meters, with more than 10 production and testing equipment. Ansuyi has more than senior technical engineers, mainly engaged in the research and development of conductive anti-static filling additives and conductive anti-static plastics. Our company focuses on the production and sales of conductive anti-static plastics and conductive anti-static fillers. These products are made of carbon fiber, carbon black, metal fiber, metal powder, long-term anti-static agent, filling technology and screw mixing. The surface resistivity of conductive products can reach the power of 10 ~ 1-5, and the surface resistivity of anti-static products can reach the power of 10 ~ 6-11. The products are suitable for injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, tape casting and other products.
The quality of ansu billion comes from high-tech talents, high-tech testing instruments and testing equipment. The management concept of scientific and technological innovation makes the product quality scientific and technological and the cost scientific. Ansu Yiyi always takes "making resistance adjustable as its mission" to develop together with customers for mutual benefit and win-win results.

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What can we do for you?

  Static electricity is a common natural phenomenon. When the air is dry, static electricity will be generated when you touch the metal door handle with your hand, or when you wear and take off clothes in your daily life. In industrial manufacturing, static electricity may lead to a disaster. For example: fuel pump hose, polyethylene packaging bag, or special tools used in confined space, such as mine or tunnel construction, a spark can be devastating. Japan once dissected and analyzed the unqualified electronic products and found that 45% of the unqualified devices were caused by de energization and discharge. The United States also made statistics in the early 1980s. The annual loss of its electronic industry due to static electricity is as high as billion. Therefore, the electromagnetic effect of electrostatic discharge and the electromagnetic interference (EMI) between microelectronic devices have attracted more and more attention. Ansu Yiyi's all-round electrostatic dissipation polymers can effectively solve the electrostatic hazards caused by plastic products, so as to greatly reduce the existence of such risks.
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Research and development of testing equipment

R&D,Test facilities
The company has always taken R & D, innovation and quality as the soul of the enterprise. We have a first-class R & D team, focusing on the research and development of various molding processes and innovations of conductive and electrostatic dissipation polymer materials.
The company always pays attention to the innovation and R & D of conductive and anti-static prevention and control materials, has advanced testing equipment, perfect analysis and testing methods, and carries out performance testing in accordance with astmuso and other international testing standards to ensure consistent product quality.


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