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Conductive anti-static engineering plastics are functional polymer materials that mix resin and conductive materials and process them in the processing mode of plastics. It is mainly used in electronics, integrated circuit packaging, electromagnetic wave shielding and other fields. Its conductive polymer materials are generally divided into structural type and composite type. Structural conductive polymer was discovered in 1977.
It is polyacetylene doped by organic polymerization and has metal like conductivity. So far, many polymers with high conductivity can only be polymerized by electrochemical oxidation and reduction after doping sulfur. Its representative products include polyacetylene, polyphenylene, polypyrrole, polythiophene, polypyridine, polyphenylene sulfide and so on. There is also a kind of conductive polymer called thermal decomposition, which is to heat treat polyimide and polyacrylonitrile at high temperature to produce substances with similar structure to graphite, so as to obtain conductivity. These thermally decomposed conductive polymers are characterized by no doping treatment, so they have excellent stability. The main uses of structural conductive polymer materials are conductive materials, battery electrode materials, optical functional elements and semiconductor materials. Its research and development mainly focuses on the following four aspects:
(1) Having the same conductivity as metal;
(2) It is stable in air;
(3) High function;
(4) It has good processing formability.
Main uses of conductive and antistatic engineering plastics
(1) Conductive anti-static engineering plastics are used as anti-static turnover boxes, IC and LCD trays, IC packages, chip carriers, film bags, etc. in the production of precision electronic components such as integrated circuits, wafers and sensor sheaths in the field of electronics and electrical appliances.
(2) The shell and structural parts of explosion-proof products, such as the shell and structural parts of electrical products used in coal mines, oil tankers, oil fields, dust and combustible gases.
(3) Semi conductive shielding material used in medium and high voltage cables.
(4) EMI shielding shell of electrical products in the fields of telecommunications, computers, automation systems, industrial electronic products, consumer electronic products, automotive electronic products and so on.


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