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Characteristics of conductive masterbatch: most plastics are light, chemically stable and will not rust; Good impact resistance; Better transparency and wear resistance; Good insulation and low thermal conductivity; Generally speaking, it has good formability and coloring, and low processing cost. Most plastics have poor heat resistance, high thermal expansion rate and easy combustion; Poor dimensional stability and easy deformation; Most plastics have poor low temperature resistance and become brittle at low temperature; Easy to aging; Some plastics are soluble in solvents.
Application of conductive masterbatch: conductive masterbatch plastics not only develop rapidly in antistatic additives, computer electromagnetic shielding, smart windows and other aspects, but also have a wide range of applications in the fields of solar cells, mobile phones, micro TV screens and life science research. In addition, conductive masterbatch plastics will also play a role in the rapid development of molecular electronics. In the future, human development can not only greatly improve the speed of computers, but also reduce the volume of computers.


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