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There will be a lot of PC materials in the integrated circuit packaging of electronic products in your hands, so you think this material is carbon fiber antistatic PC plastic? According to the production methods of anti-static plastics, they can be divided into structural anti-static plastics and composite anti-static plastics. Structural anti-static plastic, also known as intrinsic anti-static plastic, refers to the plastic with anti-static property or anti-static property after chemical modification. It is a functional polymer material that mixes resin and conductive materials and is processed by plastic processing. Carbon fiber antistatic PC plastics are mainly used in electronics, integrated circuit packaging, electromagnetic wave shielding and other fields.
Now that you know the carbon fiber anti-static PC plastic, what is the use of carbon fiber anti-static PC plastic? Carbon fiber antistatic PC plastics not only have a rapid development in the application of antistatic additives, computer anti electromagnetic screens and smart windows, but also have a wide application prospect in the fields of light-emitting diodes, solar cells, mobile phones, micro TV screens and even life science research. In addition, the combination of conductive plastics and nanotechnology will also promote the rapid development of molecular electronics. In the future, human beings can not only greatly improve the computing speed of computers, but also reduce the volume of computers. Therefore, it is predicted that the future notebook computer can be installed in the watch.
In order to show the potential application value of this material, the group used this material and made resistance thermometers with reference to industry standards. When compared with the same type of platinum resistance thermometer, the products made of new materials show similar or even superior performance. "The interesting thing about this material is that we retain almost all the advantages of polymer - mechanical flexibility, high strength and low cost, but at the same time, it has good conductivity, which is usually not the property of plastics." Professor Michael said: this material opens Xintiandi a plastic conductor.


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