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Application of conductive antistatic plastics
Conductive plastics are used as anti-static turnover boxes, IC and LCD trays, IC packages, chip carriers, film bags, etc. in the production of precision electronic components such as integrated circuits, wafers and sensor sheaths in the field of electronics and electrical appliances.
Conductive plastics are used for the shell and structural parts of explosion-proof products, such as the shell and structural parts of electrical products used in coal mines, oil tankers, oil fields, dust and combustible gases.
Semi conductive shielding material used in medium and high voltage cables.
Telecommunications Electrical products in the fields of computer, automation system, industrial resistance products, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, EMI shielding shell, etc
Conductive antistatic plastic
usage method:
It can be used directly. The baking temperature is 85 ℃ for 2-3 hours. It is recommended that the injection molding or extrusion temperature is 220-240 ℃ (the actual temperature can be adjusted according to the specific process).
Note: if the product is damp, please dry it before use, otherwise it will affect the appearance and performance of the product.
Storage method:
This product is easy to absorb moisture. During storage, it shall be sealed with plastic bags and placed in a cool and dry place. Special attention shall be paid to moisture-proof.


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