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Nowadays, many sharp bicycles are popular. Those bicycles look very atmospheric, but they can be easily carried. Why can they be so light? The reason is that its material is used for carbon fiber anti-static ABS plastic. Carbon fiber is a special fiber mainly composed of carbon element. Its carbon content varies with different types, generally more than 90%. Carbon fiber has the characteristics of general carbon materials, such as high temperature resistance, friction resistance, conductivity, heat conduction and corrosion resistance, but different from general carbon materials, its shape is significantly anisotropic, soft, can be processed into various fabrics, and shows high strength along the fiber axis. Carbon fiber has low specific gravity, so it has high specific strength< br> Graft copolymer of resin main chain; Or a mixture of rubber elastomer and hard abs resin. In this way, different structures show different properties, and elastomers show the toughness of rubber, so they synthesize Tianyi seamless carbon fiber antistatic ABS plastic< br> Carbon fiber anti-static ABS plastic is suitable for electrostatic Countermeasures in a wide range of fields such as electronics, electric power and logistics, led by semiconductor manufacturing devices and related machines: excellent anti-static performance, excellent ventilation network structure, effective maintenance of original characteristics, excellent drug resistance, light specific gravity (lighter than stainless steel, with a specific gravity of about 1 / 8). ABS acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer is equipped with different specifications, meeting UL94V0 standard The resin bicycle does not contain halogen elements, so the combustion will not produce harmful substances. It belongs to environmental protection products.


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