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Antistatic masterbatch can be used in blow molding, injection molding, extrusion and other molding processing methods. It can be evenly dispersed in plastic products. After the activity and substances in the masterbatch migrate to the surface of plastic products to reduce its surface resistivity and disperse the surface charge density. And the following undesirable phenomena of plastic products can be improved:
Discharge caused by high static charge will damage the performance of products: for example, the packaging and disassembly of electronic chips, and the normal operation of electronic communication, instruments and other instruments will be affected.
Starting from the perspective of aesthetics and hygiene, most plastic products add antistatic masterbatch to reduce dust adsorption in storage and application, so as not to affect the appearance and performance of products.
Spark discharge will cause serious accidents: for example, in flammable and explosive places, charge discharge will cause fire, and antistatic masterbatch can reduce the occurrence of such situations.
When processing plastic products with large area, such as film and fiber, the force generated by electrostatic charge greatly interferes with the stop of the processing process, which will hinder the normal winding of film and fiber, and the printability of products is also interfered by electrostatic charge.
Antistatic Masterbatch
The antistatic masterbatch is mostly flake or strip tablet sized particles, which is just equivalent to the size of general plastic particles, which improves the compatibility between them and makes it easier to disperse and waste. Good compatibility with resin: in general, the masterbatch is specially treated to improve its compatibility with plastic resin, so that even if the amount of masterbatch added in the resin is large, it is not easy to produce problems such as delamination, frost, pattern and so on. Reduce the cost and improve the added value of products: the addition of antistatic masterbatch often makes the general plastics have or close to the application requirements of engineering plastics, which improves the added value of products and reduces the cost of raw materials.


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