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Many people will ask, will plastic be anti-static? How to distinguish anti-static plastics? Let me introduce anti-static plastics.
1、 Anti static plastics - Main anti-static measures:
It can be divided into preventing static electricity and preventing static electricity damage. Electrostatic protection is a long-term systematic project. Any mistake or omission in any link will lead to the failure of electrostatic protection.
The main measures of electrostatic protection in the production process are electrostatic leakage, dissipation, neutralization, humidification, shielding and grounding.
The human body electrostatic protection system is mainly composed of anti-static wrist strap, ankle strap, work clothes, shoes, socks, hats, gloves or finger sleeves, which has the functions of electrostatic leakage, neutralization and shielding.
The ground anti-static treatment mainly includes anti-static ceramic steel base composite raised floor, anti-static all steel raised floor, anti-static ceramic floor tiles, etc.
Grounding: grounding is very important to reduce the static charge generated on the conductor. The human body is the conductor and the main source of static electricity. Therefore, we must reduce the electrostatic charge generated on people who contact sensitive anti-static elements or components. To prevent static electricity generated on the human body, it is best to be grounded through the human body.
Several personal grounding devices:
Wrist strap is the most commonly used grounding device in industry. The wrist strap will safely and effectively remove the static charge from your body. To reasonably play the role of a wrist strap, you need to reasonably contact the skin. A dirty or loose wrist strap may retain the leaked electrostatic charge, making the anti-static control ineffective. Conductive footwear or foot grounding can be used or supplemented by insufficient wrist straps. Workstation grounding device.
Conductive or electrostatic dissipative working surface is an essential part of an electrostatic safety workstation, especially where it is assembled by hand. When using wrist strap, it is necessary to clean the working surface and properly connect to a common point for grounding. Conductive or electrostatic dissipative materials can generate electrostatic charge, but when they are properly grounded, they can effectively leak the electrostatic charge.
The next concept is to isolate components and components during storage or transportation. Isolate from charged objects or charged electrostatic fields. Insulators are the best way to prevent electrostatic discharge damage during storage or transportation. Since grounding cannot drain static charges or insulators, it is necessary to isolate sensitive components and components from them. Reducing conventional plastics and other types of insulators in static working, shipping and handling areas is the best way to isolate products from insulators. Isolation can also be accomplished by limiting access to the entire work area or workstation.
Finally, we take advantage of the fact that electrostatic charges cannot enter containers made of conductive materials or conductive layers. This effect is called the Faraday cup effect. When storing and transporting electronic components or loading circuit boards, ensure that containers with characteristics similar to Faraday cup are used, and these containers will be isolated from electrostatic discharge injuries.
Faraday cup
This type of Faraday cup is usually used to control the release of static electricity. It is a metal bag, conductive bag and covered turnover box. These Faraday cups can carry the static charge on the surface and remove it before opening.
2、 Functions of antistatic plastics:
The emergence of anti-static plastics not only plays a very important role in promoting and developing plastic products, but also ensures the demand for anti-static products.
Especially the packaging of electronic products and plastic products required to be used in anti-static occasions. From the analysis of the current situation, the increase of demand has a good development momentum.


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